Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trade TSLA stock to buy a Tesla

I am not a car fan. I don't feel bad driving Honda Accord. I don't get impressed by someone's BMW or Mercedes Benz either. For me, a person's identity should not be derived from the car he drives. My son, Arian, who is now 8 years old is different. He loves cars. He has already promised to buy me a Bugatti when he grows old. Around 2 years ago, he got in love with Tesla. He kept asking me to buy Tesla as my next car. Having bought a car recently, a new car is not on my radar for next few years. However, seeing Arian's love, I made a deal sometimes early 2014. The deqal is: I would trade TSLA stocks and risk $10,000. If I make $50000 in my Tesla trading, we would buy one.