Friday, June 9, 2017

Tesla stock TSLA touched 376 today and is crashing now. Is the sell off real?

TSLA stock is selling off like crazy right now. It reached 376+ today and made an all time high but now trading around 362! Not sure why it is crashing when overall market is still great. Do you know reason why it is dropping today?
In my trading system, it seems like downtrend, only for TSLA stock, not the Tesla company or Tesla cars, has started. (Profitfromprices, U TURN (sell)). Keep a SL at $380.
What do you think? Are you still bullish, or bearish, on TSLA stock? Please note that I am talking about TSLA stock, not Tesla company!
Here is the link to the signal I use.

TSLA stock sell off begins
TSLA Tesla sell off