What is #TSLA4Tesla project?

I am not a car fan. I don't feel bad driving Honda Accord. I don't get impressed by someone's BMW or Mercedes Benz either. My son, Arian, who is now 8 years old is different. He loves cars. Somehow he got in love with Tesla. He kept asking me to buy a Tesla. Having bought a car recently, a new car has not been on my radar for next few years. However, seeing Arian's love for Tesla, and my love/hate for TSLA stock LOL, I made a deal with him one day early 2014. I would trade TSLA stocks and whatever profit I make, I will use it towards a TESLA. Objective was to keep investment at minimum (you get the point- short it most of the time), keep trade size at 2 options contracts or 200 stocks. Maximum open position allowed is in 1000 stocks or 10 contracts.
When I made this deal, I guess I had around $10000 profit trading TSLA stocks so I rolled that profit in this project as starting capital (You can see that I really love Arian!).

Update I: As of Feb 09, 2015, #TradeTSLA4Tesla has around $35000 in profit.
Update II: As of Sep 30, 2015, profit stands at a little over $70k.
Update III: As of Oct 20, 2015, it is over $80k.
Update IV: Dec 1, 2015: Click on this link and enjoy conclusion of #TSLA4Tesla project! I ordered a Tesla in Oct 15 and got delivery to surprise Arian on his 9th birthday.

Curious to glance through list of trades? Click here.