Monday, February 9, 2015

#TradeTSLA4Tesla Experiment

Last week's activities

I had 2 Call options on TSLA stocks @207.50 sold at $3.95 on Feb 02, 2015. I earned a premium of $784 but the contracts got exercised and hence I have a short position in Tesla stock of 200 more stocks at $207.50. Add this to 200 short already open in MerrillEdge account so current 400 TSLA short stocks.

I sold 2 Put options on TSLA @6.45 today. This is an earnings week so the Tesla stock can move significantly. Hence premiums are also rick. As I already have Short position in the stock, I was to hedge so sold Put options at $207.50 strike price which is also the cost of Short in my TDAmeritrade account. I pocketed premium of $1284.

Besides total 400 shorts in Tesla stocks, I have two option positions are open. First one, as mentioned above, sale of 2 PUT options, plus sale of 4 CALL options at $220 at @ $5.50.

If earnings release by Tesla does not create any surprise or shock in the market, I will be a happy camper. If the stock drops, I would be more rick as I already have 400 shorts with only 200 hedged by sale of Puts at 207.50.

So far, except 400 short position open, I have around $35000 profit towards Arian's Tesla. For detailed trades, click on the menu- Transactions and you can see all trades in TSLA in a Google doc named "Trades".

** This is no advice or invitation for anyone to trade TSLA or any stock. I am posting this for my personal use. This is a real life fun experiment to see if Arian is lucky enough for riding to school in Tesla**

TD2/9/2015Stock200$207.50$41,489.08Sold Short 200 TSLA @ 207.5
TD2/9/2015Option2$6.45$1,283.62Sold 2 TSLA Feb 13 2015 207.5 Put @ 6.45$1,284
TD2/2/2015Option4$5.50$2,192.25Sold 4 TSLA Feb 13 2015 220.0 Call @ 5.5$2,192
TD1/30/2015Option2$3.95$783.63Sold 2 TSLA Feb 6 2015 207.5 Call @ 3.95$784